Woodworking is one of the oldest occupations. It is divided into different fields of knowledge. A carpenter is involved in building and repairing structures of a house. Cabinet makers produce furniture and other articles used as functional decorations. Joiners make stairways and other " fine works of art. Turners are involved in shaping wood for decoration. Wood carvers make designs and wood sculptures.

The Tree
A tree is one of the most interesting objects of art. During the rainy season, when there is much moisture, the tree grows rapidly. During dry season, the development is much slower.
The growth is shown by the annual rings in the cross-section of the wood. Among the popular trees which are used in the handicraft industry are apitong, narra, yakal, acacia, lauan,apitong, and other softwood or hardwood trees depending on the purpose for which they are used.

The structure of the wood consists of cells in varying forms and sizes. Their functions are: 

1.transport the fluid nutrients from roots to the leaves
2.store food
3.strengthen and hold the tree structure

The arrangement of elongated cells is in parallel lines which can be seen as the grain in the wood. The grain is either fine, smooth, or coarse, straight or crooked depending on the arrangement of the cells. The color of the wood is caused by tannin in the cell.

Basic Groups of Trees

Trees are divided into two (2) basic groups: decidous and coniferous

1. Decidous trees are broad-leaf trees. Most decidous trees lose their leaves in the winter. Wood from decidous trees is called hardvood. Most hardwood are open-gre with large noticeable pores. Their surfaces are generally rough and smooth.

Examples: oak, hickory, and mahogany

2. Coniferous trees also called evergreen trees have needle-shaped leaves. M Most of these trees keep their leaves all year round. Wood from coniferous trees is called sofhwood. All softwoods have closed grain or hard to see pores. The terms softwood and hardwood do not always indicate hardness or softness of wood.
Examples: pine trees and spruce

Uses of Wood

Wood has always been the basic material used b by furniture manufacturers. Now, plastic and metal are used to replace wood in building homes as well as in making furniture. Wood for building bomes, bridges, electrical poles, and furniture making comes from big trees. Th are many other uses of trees. W Wood and all of its parts are also processed into valuable products such as:

1. paper and cardboard

2. particleboard and hardboard

3. plywood