The Holistic Approach

The Holistic Approach

Good health is not just the absence of illness or feeling good. Rather it is a feeling of total wellness- physical, emotional, and mental. 

To achieve this feeling, people need to take a holistic approach to health care. Holistic health care is concerned with the whole person, not just his or her individual parts. It is based on the concept that human beings are complex creatures where health is affected by many factors.

These factors include:


2. eating habits,

3. personality,

4. environment and

5.physical condition.

The theory behind holistic health care is the all factors need to be taken into account in order to promote and maintain good health

Holistic doctors treat people by promoting health rather than curing illness.


Certain factors that have a bearing on your health are beyond your control.
These are: genes and environment

We cannot choose the genes that we inherit from our parents. The genes determine our body shape, physical constitutions and from inborn resistance to disease. They also influence our emotional make-up and our susceptibility to certain disease

The environment in which we grow up is also beyond our control. We cannot choose the
type of family we were born, the neighborhood we live in, and the people around us during our formative year

For each one of us, certain aspect of our health is already determined. Which include our physical, Social and mental well-being.


Adolescence covers the second half of the teenage period up to the point at which a person is seen to be an "adult." I It is a time of learning, independence and emotional maturity, and coming to terms with adulthood. During the period, the teenager grows physically, socially and emotionally Physical growth is affected by nutrition, while social growth is affected by the environment. The emotional growth is triggered by the hormone in the body.

Puberty is a time of rapid growth, culminating in sexual maturity.