To Simplicity

For the past years, even until now, our nation has been in the midst of financial tight spot, a problem that the previous and present administrations have failed to stamp out. Every Filipino is still behind the dark shadows of fiscal dilemma. Every brown skin still endures the sad fate rooted in poverty. Every young and old continuously bear the upshots of dearth and ask the following questions:" "When shall we experience prosperity?" "When will this crisis end?" and "When will every Filipino live a life that she/he deserves?" But these questions remain unanswered. Probable solutions have been tried out, yet they were proven futile.

How do we hurdle the repercussions of the root cause of all the problems on our dining table? Would voluntary contribution suffice and help? Would the purging of the president’s social fund and congressman's pork also aid? Would limiting the number of children per family improve the economic condition? Would the imposition of higher taxes help the state? The |not so much! Saving our economy does not entail donating millions from the haves, a peso from the have-n professionals' one-day salary. The fiscal difficulties cannot be solved overnight. What we need is an unhurried action. Thus, I going back to the basics would definitely be of help. But how do we do that? Easy.... live a simple life. If we, from different walks of life, could only internalize the value of simplicity and begin with us, we would never live through circumstances we never welcomed. After all, life is not just lying on a soft settee. Life is barely to get by.

Living a simple life is simply living a happy life. As long as we are passionate about what we do, fulfillment cannot be far behind. A fulfilled life is a happy life, a life well lived. The most important goal a person should strive to achieve is also a very simple one. That is to be able to look back, at the end of the day, and say, "T have no regrets. " That is to be able to look back on his life and confidently say. "1 live a good life, a happy life. and I can die today. or tomorrow without any regrets or fears." I Life is what a person makes it; life is the sum of the choices a person makes. A simple life can be lived by making simple choices and doing simple actions.

Swift measures are not the real solutions to our growing economic crises instead the gradual training of ourselves to Iive in austerity. to live an uncomplicated, undemanding, and unfussy life. We crave for more in this push button era. I We live beyond our means. We spend so much for the things we think would please us without knowing that what would give us genuine satisfaction is the life of plainness. To live a simple life doesn't mean not acquiring the things we can't live without nor living in destitution. It merely implies that we have I to be frugal, thrifty, and we have to save money for others' needs yet detached from material things. It only entails that we have to be contented with what MA/ we have and refrain from always longing for more.

We are not living in separate societies. Therefore, everybody has to do his/her part. It doesn't matter if we hold the highest government realm or not. It doesn't matter if we come from far south, too. Though most of us are small, we could still do great things. The current leadership, the church, the families, and the learning institutions should join hands to AU wage war against poverty that enslaves us. Building a sustainable society is a collective responsibility. If we Filipinos are the foremost believers of the old cliché "united we stand, divided we fall," then let us work together and combine actions. When it does happen, then the problems that we think are insuperable shall join the west wind and leave.

To end, let what the great Augustine once said in The City of God be alluded to: "l think I have now, by God's help, discharged my obligation in writing this large work. Let those who think I have said too little, or those who think I have said too much, forgive me; and let those who think I said just enough join I me in giving thanks to God." We may have said too much about this thing of urgency, but that's only a faithful accomplishment I of our duty. However, few words are enough. We don't have to be verbose about a national concern all times. Actions are still better than words. Actions would suffice. "Amen."