Psychological Changes of human being

Psychological Changes

The psychological changes that accompany the adolescent stage vary among teenagers. Some may take this change lightly while others will take them seriously. 

1. Compulsive eating leading to excessive weight gain,

2. Anorexia nervosa or self-starvation,

3. Rebellion,

4.Sexual curiosity leading to unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, and

5. Drug abuse, smoking and alcoholism.


Part of being an adolescent is learning to cope with the changes and growth described above. In addition, each stage of life has certain tasks or jobs called developmental tasks, which must be accomplished as a part of growing older. These tasks are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes you need to succeed in that stage of life. Your most important task during the teen years is to find and form for yourself.

There are several aspects of this task. During your teen years, you will work towards:

1. accepting your changing body and your role as a

2. growing socially to establish relations with peer’s man or a woman, of both sexes;

3. controlling your emotions as you become independent from your parents and other adults;

4. developing intellectual skills and concepts;

5. preparing for and reaching economic independence, and 

6. becoming a responsible citizen. Click here to get $20 in sign up


Adapting good health habits is far easier than changing bad your own lifestyles. The decision you make now and the habits you form will affect your health for years to come. For example, it is easier to refuse to start smoking than to give up a cigarette smoking habit.

Given the right encouragement and the right environment, people can change their poor habit.
Good habit is not hard to achieve but it is easy to damage. By taking a positive health action, one can enjoy a state of well-being for life.

Individual Health Habits

Studies showed that personal health habits have a greater impact on health. These are:

1. Not smoking cigarettes,
2. Drinking alcohol in moderation,
3. Eating breakfast,
4. Not eating between meals.
5. Maintaining normal weigh,
6. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours each day, and
7.Exercise at least moderately

Teenagers become aware of the need to pay extra attention to personal hygiene because they become conscious of their looks and physical assets.

In terms of personal hygiene girls become aware on the use of the following:

1. sanitary napkins during menstrual periods,
2. cologne, perfume, and deodorant and
3. soap and cleansing cream.

Boys would require less product for the maintenance of personal hygiene.
These are: bath soap, deodorant, and cologne,