Important of health


“Health is wealth," a famous saying which is true. Man desires many things in life. Food, clothing, and shelter are his basic needs. Food to nourish his body, clothing to cover it and shelter to protect him from his environment.

Unknowingly, he overworks his body to get more food which he cannot eat, more clothes which he cannot Use and plenty of shelter which he does not need.
Thus, he works and works and loses his health. Then he works again to cure his health but sometimes finds only the grave.

To be a survivor of the modern age, man must also food use that his he judgement on all things that he does like the food that he eats and the water he drinks all the activities that interest him.
Man is the only creature that can study himself. Such study begins with a simple observation and now includes complex social, medical and psychological studies.


Health is not just a matter of physical well-being. Emotional and mental health is equally important.
The World Health Organization has defined health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Physical Well Being

The human body is designed for movement and it needs exercise in order to function properly. The three main elements of physical fitness are:

1. Strength is the quality of being strong.

2.Suppleness is the quality of being flexible and agile.

3.Stamina is the physical strength to resist fatigue or disease.

Ex. smoking, drinking alcohol, and too much exposure to sun can destroy your health, physical well-being is also influenced by your eating habit

Ex. overeating can lead to overweight which contribute to a variety of disorder including heart disease.

Teenagers need to eat a balanced diet in order to support their developing body.

Social Well Being

Social health is concerned with the people with whom we come into contact. People who enjoy close supportive relationship and who get along well with their families are likely to be healthier than those who don't.

At a higher level, social health is concerned with our roles within society as a whole. responsibility for your personal health also contribute to social health. Ideally, people with high levels of social health give more to the world than they take from it.

Mental Well Being

People in good mental health are energetic and enthusiastic about life. They are relaxed, confident and usually optimistic. They welcome new experience and do not avoid life's problem. They are able to love and live comfortably with themselves and with their loved ones.