For the Acidic person,Changes You Should Do, Medications You Should Take

How to treat Hyper acidity

Most people are experiencing acidic problems. Hyper acidity is one of the problems of people today because of their abuse of the body.
This article will explain what is the proper medicines to the acidic person and how to avoid them in the right way.

What is hyper acidity?
The passageway to your stomach is a valve, a muscle ring called bring down esophageal sphincter or LES. In ordinary conditions, the LES quickly closes at the exact second that the nourishment is going through this shaft. At the point when the LES is not shut legitimately or is constantly open, the corrosive aggregated inside the stomach may go out to the throat. This is the reason for manifestations like stomach ulcers and acid reflux. In the event that the side effects of acidic assault at least two inside seven days, you are experiencing intense reflux infection known as the acidic ones.

Causes of Hyper acidity
The cause of hyper acidity in our body is called hiatal hernia. When the upper part of the stomach and the LES and the diaphragm upwards are hyper acidity, the muscles of our stomach are responsible for controlling our breath. but when the acid is accumulated in the stomach and it can go to the esophagus which is often the reason for the hyper acidity of our stomach that we should avoid.

How to avoid and proper Medicines for Acidic
we can avoid hyper acidity by lowering our diet and beverages that can relieve acidity in our bodies such as alcohol, vinegar, sour foods and so on. These are the different types of work to prevent and treat hyper acidity in our body.

1. Eat only a little bit of our body

2. It has to stop smoking because it recalls the acid in our body

3. When sleeping should be lifted up our head up to 6 inches height it helps to avoid hyper acidity.

4. In a chair try to sleep sometimes to help reduce acidity

5.choose dress that wide enough, do not wear tight dress and pants because of the difficulty in the stomach.

6.Reduce weight by exercising and eating less and not eating fatty food eat more vegetables.

7.You should ask your doctor what is the most effective hypertensive drug. In this generation, most medicine are available at the drug store and you can buy at any time you want to reduce the pain of hyper acidity. In many countries, there are many types of hyper acidity medicine that we may buy, but it is better to go to the doctor first to make the medicine more effective because they are more aware of what to do because they have a knowledge and proper education.