Effect of Pollution


Pollution refers to odor, dirty, and excessive noise in the environment created by unreliable or inaccessible programs that determine proper air, water, and soil care.

Air pollution
Refers to smoke and an unpleasant smell of air. This is mainly due to the toxic smoke emitted by mechanical vehicles and factories. Carbon monoxide is a major pollutant of air that rapidly blends in atmospheric conditions that cause air pollution. It comes from mineral fuel or fuel like fuel. When it is inhaled, it develops a health hazard that causes different types of respiratory-related diseases such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, and lung cancer. Another cause of air pollution is the improper disposal of waste and dirt that spread environmental pollution. Additionally, burning garbage instead of recycling. One of the major issues of air pollution that has been discussed around the world was the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. According to experts, the air polluted the city due to smoke from coal power plants, factories, and vehicles.

Water pollution
Refers to the pollution and destruction of water-soluble sources of food and drinking water. The main causes of this pollution are disposal of waste such as industrial waste materials on logs and sea and oil spills or sea oil extinguishers coming from ships and other marine vessels. Because of this Pollution, lives in water forms degrade or dying.
People who are elegantly engaged in natural environment and in life are also vulnerable to eating and earning income such as using overcrowded fishing nets, dynamite fishing or exploding rivers and seas to ensure the bulk of fish, taking corals to make jewelry and decoration, performing muro-ami or destroying coral settlements of fish, and sand quarrying or sand mining in rivers and seas to create construction materials. all of these activities produce no growth and degradation of fish and coral reef damage.

Soil pollution
 Refers to wastes scattered everywhere. the lack of organized and systematic collection and disposal of waste is the main reason of this pollution. the issue of solid waste management is a major challenge especially in developing countries. toned trashes that are properly discharged also cause air pollution due to the unpleasant odors they produce. In response to this problem, solid waste management and segregation and recycling are well-known companies and programs promoting the Asian government to address waste related issues.