The training of an athlete begins with his interest in sports.
Sports activities are mainly played for fun and enjoyment and winning the game is not important.
Athletics, on the other hand, requires a high degree of skill because the primary goal winning the game. competitor is entitled to do anything that the rule allows in order to win.

The Benefits of Sports 

Sports activities can:

1. Foster a healthy group interaction;

2. Raise one's level of aspiration;

3. Help one to internalize sportsmanship, in which to; win and lose gracefully; and

4. Enable one to acquire some nurturing experiences.

Aside from these, sports also h help channel:

a.) Tension to relaxation,

b.) Aggression to a socially accepted behavior through sports competition, and

c.) Depression to a sense of security and individual worth.
Sports can be played alone (individual sports), 

Individual Sports include gymnastics, dual (two players) and team sport (group players). swimming, and athletics which includes sprint, hurdle, shot put, discus throw, javelin throw and other field events. These sports require excellent athlete performance in order to win.

Dual Sports include racket sports like tennis and table tennis, chess and combative sports.

Team Sports include basketball, volleyball, baseball and football. These sports require team coordination in order to win.


Athletics are sports that require a high degree of skill because the prima goal of an athlete is winning the game. Among the important athletic gar the Olympics are sprint, hurdle, relay, discus throw, pole vault and shot put.

Sprint is a short race at top speed. The sprinter must be able to propel his body into motion and quickly accelerate to top speed. Sprint includes the 100 m dash up to 440 m dash. The most important factors necessary to a good s sprint are:

1.a good start,

2.leg speed,


4.coordination, and


Starting Point
Place your hands at the back edge of the starting line, shoulders directly over your hands are slightly forward, arms straight and elbows locked. 

"On your mark" Command
They eyes should be focused near the starting line so that the muscles of the neck are released. Exhale, relax and wait for the next command,

"Get set" Command
Raise your hips to a position slightly higher than the shoulder. As the gun goes off, make a powerful dive of the legs accompanied by a vigorous and speedy arm action forward and back to balance the movement of the legs.

Keep your body straight and laid on your toes and fall of the foot.
The arms and legs move in coordination at synchronized speed. Run full speed up to the finish line about 10 m. beyond it, then slowly to a stop to avoid injury.