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In the Philippine Kamias is the popular ingredients when making Sinigang kind of traditional soup by the Filipino. The Filipino name for a tree experimentally known as Averrhoa bilimbi. In English, it is known as the cucumber or roan tree. This tropical tree is discovered normally in Malaysia and Indonesia, and its organic product is utilized both for cooking and customary drug. Despite the fact that kamias is an exceptionally acidic organic product, it can be devoured after specific arrangements are taken, and it provides follow measures of vitamins and minerals and help your body to fight the sickness. 

About Kamias or roan tree
The tallness of the kamias tree can reach up to 33 feet, and its leaves, like those of the otaheite gooseberry, tend to bunch at the closures of the branches. Throughout the entire year, it bears little yet fragrant blossoms that are either yellow-green or purple. The natural product is yellow-green and has a place with an indistinguishable family from the starfruit, which is sweeter than kamias. Despite the fact that acrid, the substance of the kamias natural product is delicious and delicate.Kamias is usefull organic product that uses in the dishes in Asia specially in Philippine,Malaysia and Indonisia.

Therapeutic Uses
Therapeutically, Kamias can be made into a glue and connected topically to bothersome or swollen skin or skin influenced by bug nibbles. In conventional Malay drug, they make an implantation of the foods grown from the ground to cure a hack, and additionally regulate a tonic to ladies after they conceive an offspring. This implantation is likewise utilized on pimples, hypertension, discombobulation and diabetes. Those in Indonesia utilize the kamias natural product as a treatment for fevers, aggravation, rectal dying, bubbles and different conditions. The blooms of the kamias are additionally utilized as a solution for toothaches. 

Defeat Diabetes
It is exceptionally prescribed to curing each illness in characteristic way. For diabetes each grains of kamias can offer assistance. Simply get ready 6 grains kamias. Than smashed it and blend with a glass of water. Heated up the blend until vanish down the middle. Strain the water and drink it twice per day.
To conquer diabetes we should press the glukosa in our body. Acidic substance in kamias is extremely pstrong. This substances can dispose of and smother diabetes on body. 

After all of torment we got from stiffness. Know we have to no stress over that any longer. Since it can overcome by kamias.
To get this impacts is simple. Grasp a modest bunch of kamias leaves and one grains kamias. Than squashed it until smooth. After that include whiting and blend both of it. After that put it to spot of agony. To get the best and quick outcomes take it 2-3 times each day. 

Treating Cough
This plant is a characteristic drug to treating hack, particularly for kids. The approaches to utilize this plants additionally common. To start with we should set up a couple of grains of fennel, 3 grains kamias, and sugar. Those planning blend in one place and steamed for a few hours. Before separated it hold up subsequent to chilling. Utilize those water for two times drink. The best time to drink it is in the morning and evening. Since when that time the stomach is unfilled.
For treating whooping hack there is unique formula. For this time utilize 10 grains kamias. Before crush those grains, it must wash first. Water after press blend with two tablespoons of salt water. For drinking is has a same lead with normal hack. 

In the Indonesia the people there has been utilize kamias as conventional prescription. Counteractive action hard sickness and straightforward infection. One of that hard malady is hypertension. Kamias can deal with high blood weight issue. The best approach to get kamias advantages to anticipation hypertension is simple. Utilize 3 grains kamias and 2 glasses of water. Bolied both of those blend to be half glass. Than drink it once a day to get its medical advantages to aversion hypertension. Drink ordinary until the point when the high blood pressue decreased.