Wonderful herbs that can cure diseases

The yellow ginger (turmeric)

Yellow ginger or turmeric is a very famous herbal medicine and famous as an spice for the different dishes in the Philippines and abroad especially in Asian counties. The Yellow ginger is called the queen of the ingredients because it’s like a pepper when stirred to food. Most people use this yellow ginger as an spice in different foods. Yellow ginger contains antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial resistance to the disease as it also has the ability to heal inflammation in our body.

Yellow ginger also contains various types of vitamins such as fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K, protein, iron magnesium, zinc and copper. Because of the medicinal properties of this medicine, many diseases can be cured yellow ginger.

These are the different types of benefits in our body when we eat yellow ginger or turmeric:

Can boost immune system

The immune system in our body is responsible for fighting against bad bacteria and viruses so we will not get any diseases, yellow ginger is effective as strengthening our immune system because it has lipopolysaccharide that can help stimulate the immune system. Using yellow ginger can fight in different kinds of germs in your body. When your immune system is strong, you can get rid of diseases such as cough and cold. If you have cough and cold you can easily cure it by drinking yellow ginger as a tea every day until the illnesses has gone.

Can cure arthritis

The yellow ginger is capable of reducing the inflammation of our body due to rheumatoid and arthritis. The anti-oxidant that yellow ginger can produce can help kill the  free radicals in our body that can actually damage other healthy cells and become caused by cancer. Researchers and experts have proven that arthritis can reduce body inflammation by using yellow ginger, you can use it as a yellow ginger tea or you can use it as a spices in the different dishes.

The yellow ginger is a cancer prevention

One of the abilities of yellow ginger is to prevent cancer in our body like prostate cancer using yellow ginger in can reduce developing prostate cancer. There are many experts and researchers show that the yellow ginger is effective for killing cancer like this herbal can kill the tumor, the tumor is caused by radiation exposure. Yellow ginger also helps in the prevention of various diseases such as colon and breast carcinoma, tumor cells, T-cell leukemia and many others that help our body to protect us from illness.

Can prevent diabetes

One of the abilities of yellow ginger is to balance insulin in our body to prevent diabetes you can use this herb when you have diabetes or want to avoid getting diabetic in our body. If you always drink yellow ginger as a tea you can fight Type-2 diabetes because it helps balance the sugar level in our body. But do not mix yellow ginger with powerful drugs because it will be ineffective and can cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia that is bad in our body. It is always necessary to ask a doctor when we take medicines for safety.

Can reduce cholesterol in our body

Cholesterol in our body is harmful to our system especially in our heart, according to the study yellow ginger helps reduce cholesterol in our body by using yellow ginger as ingredients for cooking and as a drink or tea. Everyone knows that cholesterol is harmful to our body and that can cause a serious problem in our lives. Yellow ginger is a great help in reducing cholesterol to help prevent heart disease and high blood.