Who knows Tree of Miracle or super food of all human kind (think and read).

Tree of Miracle (Super food)

The Malunggay or Ben Oil Tree is one of the best and cheapest plant that has a full healthy benefits a plant that develops in the tropical atmospheres, for example, the Philippines, India and Africa. It is broadly utilized as vegetable fixings in cooking, as home grown pharmaceutical for various diseases and other pragmatic employments. This plant can develop to as high as 9 meters with erect white trunks, while the compound leaf has around 3 to 9 flyers. It has white fragrant blossoms that deliver long cases with 3-calculated winged seeds.
Aside from the advantages as far as the different supplements that we can get from it, all parts of the Malunggay tree are usable for healthful and therapeutic purposes from the roots, trunk, and branches to the leaves, blossoms, and seeds you don’t need to throw any parts of the tree because it’s all beneficial and healthy to our body.

The "Super Food" of poor people
Before researchers found its medical advantages, the Malunggay was just considered as a "poor man's vegetables", now it is known as a "Tree of Miracle" essentially in light of the fact that it is made out of minerals and vitamins, which are observed to be powerful in mending a wide range of illnesses to carry on with an ordinary and solid way of life. 

Benefits of Malunggay in our body
Most of researcher have demonstrated that Malunggay can be utilized to treat various sicknesses. The leaves are useful for migraine, seeping from a shallow cut, bacterial and parasitic skin protests, calming gastric ulcers and looseness of the bowels and lot of more benefeficial contents of malungay.

Malunggay Oil or "Ben Oil" – The oil is separated from Malunggay seeds by squeezing. It is known to be an exceptionally solid cancer prevention agent utilized by the early individuals from Egypt. It is likewise generally utilized as oil base for fragrances and beautifying agents.

Malunggay Decoction – For washing wounds. Heat up the foundations or roots of malunggay and let it cool at least 37 degree Fahrenheit warm temperature and utilize it for cleaning. For mouth wounds and sore throat rinse the Malunggay decoction. 

Malunggay Poultice – Grounded Malunggay seeds, leaves and bark as a poultice is valuable onto swollen substance to diminish aggravation related with ailment, joint pain and joint torments. 

For the Malungay Lovers this is the advantage of intaking malungay in your body

Malungay leaves can boost and improve immune capability increasing more than ten times other company make malungay leaves as a health supplements and multi vitamins to help our body protect from sicknesses

Malungay for the pregnant women its advice  to take it as a tea as often as possible so that the baby ca earn beneficial benefits came from the malungay because this tree has a high percentage of calcium content.

Malungay also lower or control your blood pressure specially for those high blood person, and also helps to prevent headache and migraine in our head.

Malungay possess compounds that prevent cancer in our body such as phytochemicals, to stop or slow the damage or multiplication of the cancer cell that can affect the good cell.