Who know's Lagundi the Organic medicine


In the Philippines Lagundi is very popular therapeutical plant herb,and mostly Lagundi develops in the mountain like Mt.Banahaw.The logical name of lagundi is “Vitex negundo”.Lagundi herbal plant are used for centuries as a medical purposes and treatment and different illnesses in the Philippines and other Asian countries.Experts in the Philippine Department of Health found out that the lagundi has a lot of benefits and can treat different kind of illnesses like pharyngitis,colds,asthma and flu.The expert in the Philippine Department of Health included the lagundi is one of the most effective organic plant herbal medicine. 

Lagundi is additionally known for its pain relieving impact that decreases torment and trouble. At present, pharmaceutical organizations offer it in tablet shape at tranquilize stores. Syrup has made also for the children and adult that sell in the market and drug stores.All of the product made by the expert using lagundi plant are approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs an organization in the Philippines that maintaining the safety of the medicine. The lagundi plant are promoted by the Philippine government to introduce as an alternative to western and eastern country cough and cold prescriptions.

The therapeutic properties of Lagundi plant are below listed:

Lagundi plant can be a home grown medication using the roots,s eeds, leaves and flowers can be converted as a cure and prevention in different illnesses.

Lagundi roots can cure or prevent antirheumatic, tonic, expectorant, tonic and febrifuge.

Lagundi leaves has a fragrant, virmifuge, sharp,anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.

Lagundi seeds can cure or prevent some skin illnesses like irritation of the mouth and infections.

Lagundo flowers can be uses for the illnesses like stomach related,febrifuge,carminative and hepato-defensive.

Ways how to use Lagundi as a medicine in our body:

Lagundi can convert as a tea just boil a water and put the leaves of the lagundi plant and take orally or drink .

Lagundi also is available as a capsule and syrup for cold and cough every Philippine drug store has a lagundi capsule and syrup.

Lagundi can also combine both medicines and herbal therapies theres no side effect using this kind of method it’s proven and tested by the expert.

Department of Health’s Philippine Institute making more possible that every drug store has always lagundi tablets specially in the rainy season.

SOURCE: http://www.innovateus.net