Recipe for the Meat

Meat  Recipe
Breaded pork escalope with sage and sautéed potatoes


Spice salt cooking fine
Pepper white ground
Pork bacon sliced frozen
Pork loin boneless chain on tenderloin and fat removed
Flour white all purpose
Egg frozen white and yolk
Herb. Sage. Bulk., fresh
Herb, rosemary, bulk, fresh
Oil sunflower minimum
Sautéed potatoes

1.Defrost meat on dripping tray in thawing room.

2.Cut in 20 medallions, flatten them, season with salt and pepper and bread in flour, pasteurized eggs and breadcrumbs.

3.Roast bacon in the oven on 170°C for 8 minutes.

4.Pan fry pork in sunflower oil golden brown both sides.

5.Wash, dry and deep fry half sage leaves in 30 ml sunflower oil, cut the remaining in julienne and use for sauté potatoes.

Plating instructions:
1.Arrange potato, broccoli and tomato in center main course plate.
2.Set 2 escalopes on top.

5.Garnish with deep fried sage and bacon.

Grilled turkey breast escalope

Spice salt cooking
Turkey breast - boneless - skinless
Herb, thyme, bulk, fresh
Olive extra virgin

Preparation instructions:

1.Defrost meat on dripping tray in thawing room.

2.Trim and cut into 10 equal portion of 120 gr each.

3.Clean rosemary and thyme from stem and chop.

4.Season with salt and pepper.

5.Add chopped herbs and cook on the griddle on both sides until golden brown with sunflower oil until temperature reach 167 F.

6.Serve as required. For buffet, serve in assign insert.

Veal escalope with Marsala sauce

Spice salt cooking fine
Pepper white ground
Veal rack boneless 8 ribs
Oil olive extra virgin
Butter unsalted prints wrapped
Flour white all purpose
Wine marsala
Leek, medium, trimmed, no ice
Roasted potatoes
Steamed green beans
Marsala sauce

Preparation instructions:

1.Defrost meat in thawing room on dripping tray.

2.Cut veal in 20 escalopes 90 gr each.

3.Sprinkle some salt on the veal escalops then cover with flour.

4.Heat butter and oil in a pan, add all escalops and cook both side.

5.De glaze with marsala wine, then drain the veal and keep on the side.

6.Wash and cut leeks in julienne 15 cm lengthwise.

7.Blanch in a boiling water for 10 seconds and cool down in ice water.

8.Use leeks to tight the green beans bouquet.

Plating instructions:
1.In the center of main course plate put mashed potatoes.

2.Place escalope on top.

3.Topped with sauce.

4.Finish plate with steamed green beans bouquet,

Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes

Spice salt cooking fine
Pepper white ground
Chicken breast
Meat marinate basic
Seasonal vegetables
Crispy potato wedges

Preparation instructions:
1.Defrost chicken breast on dripping tray in thawing room.

2.Marinate chicken for 1 hour with meat basic marinade

3.Grill chicken with olive oil on griddle from both sides until reach internal temperature of 167 F
4.Season with salt.

Plating instructions:

1.Cut chicken breast in 2 pieces and place in the center of main course plate.

2.Surround with seasonal vegetable and crispy potatoes.