The main ingredients used for stocks are:

1.Bones: Veal, beef, and chicken bones are most commonly used. The flavor of stock is comes from cartilage and connective tissues in bones (collagen is converted into gelatin to thicken the liquid). 

2.Mirepoix: A combination of onions, carrots, celery, and sometimes other vegetables. 

3.Herbs and spices: Used depends on availability and local traditions. A bouquet garnish (otherwise known as bundle of herbs) consisting of parsley, bay leaves, a sprig of thyme, and possibly other herbs is common. It's often wrapped in a cheesecloth "bag" and tied with string to make for easy removal once stock is cooked. 

Brown Stock recipe

Ingredients name
1.Onion yellow, medium
2.Carrots, medium
3.Celery, US no. 1, green, trimmed,
4.Herb, rosemary, bulk, fresh
5.Garlic, whole, jumbo
6.Spice salt cooking fine
7.Peppercorns black
8.Olive oil extra virgin
9.Herb thyme bulk fresh
10.Herb bay leaves, bulk, fresh
11.Wine red
12.Tomato paste puree 28/30 5 kg
13.Flour white all purpose
14. Veal bones cut

Brown stock preparation
1.Place the bones in one oven tray at 190°C until golden brown for about 40 minutes.

2.Brush with tomato concentrate and scatter with flour.

3.Pour back in the oven at 190°C for bout 15-20 minute until brown color.

4.Clean, wash and cut the vegetables in 2 m side cube.

5.Cook in one pot with base of oil the carrots, celery and onion at medium heat until golden brown color.

6.Add the bones and continue stirring for about 10 minutes.

7.Deg-laze the oven tray from the bones with little red wine.

8.Add the rest of wine in the pot and let evaporate to 50%.

9.Add the herbs, salt and pepper and cover all with ice.

10. Add 2 liters of water and bring to boil. Let simmer for about 3 hours.

11.Let cool down and pass the sauce in the Chinoise with filter. Reduce at desiderate concentration.

Note: If stock to be used for dressing the meat sauce, it need to be reduced to 50%.


The word consommé means, literally, 'completed' or "concentrated."

In other words, a consommé is a strong, concentrated stock or broth. In classical cuisine, this was all that was necessary for a stock to be called a consommé. In fact, two kinds were recognized: ordinary 
(or unclarified) consommé and clarified consommé.

Beef consommé ingredients

1.Beef round, rump and shank partially off
2.Celery, green, trimmed
3.1 Carrots
4.Onion, yellow, medium
5.Egg, fresh whole
6.Spice, salt cooking
7.Beef topside

Chicken consommé ingredients

1.Chicken, whole frozen eviscerated
2.Celery, trimmed,
3.Carrots, medium
4.Onion, yellow, medium
5.Egg, fresh whole
6.Spice, salt cooking
7.Chicken breast

Procedure for making a consommé:

1.Clean the onion and cut in half. Cook it on the flat grill until brown color.

2.In one pot with 3 litres of cold water pour the clean vegetables and as per recipe: :

BEEF consommé: add the beef rump divided in 2 pieces.
CHICKEN consommé: add a cleaned and washed chicken (previously thawed).

3.Bring to boil and simmer for about 6 hours.

4.In one bowl pour the white eggs and as per recipe:

BEEF consommé: add a ground beef topside.
CHICKEN consommé: add a ground chicken breast.

4.Add 150 gr. of ice peeled. Mix and add in the stock.

5.Continue simmer for about 15-20 minutes.

6.Strain the consommé with chinois.

Rules for preparing consommé:

1.The stock or broth must be strong, rich and full-flavored.

2.Clarification is second in importance to strength

Vegetable stock

Vegetable stocks, made without any animal products, play an important role in vegetarian cooking and are also used for light, healthful dishes. he basic ingredients for vegetable stocks are vegetables, herbs and spices, water, and, sometimes, wine.

Vegetable Stock ingredients:

1.Spice salt cooking fine
2.Onion yellow, medium
3.Carrots, medium
4.Celery, green, trimmed
5.Leek, medium, trimmed, no ice
6.Tomato, round, red

Vegetable Stock procedure:
1.Clean and wash all vegetables.

2.Place vegetables in soup pot and add 3l of cold water
3.Bring to boil and keep simmer for about 90 minutes

4.Adjust with salt if needed.

Fish stock

A fish stock is made the same way as a white stock and is useful for soups and seafood

Fish stock ingredients
1.Fish whole eviscerated fresh
2.Onion yellow, medium
3.Herb, parsley, flat leaf, bulk, fresh
4.Celery, US no.1, green, trimmed
5.Herb, bay leaves, bulk, fresh
7.Spice salt cooking fine

Fish stock procedure:

1.Wash the fish bones and remove any blood stains.

2.Wash and peel the vegetables. 

3.Add all ingredients in a soup pot with cold water.

4.Bring to boil at low heat.

5.Simmer for 30 minutes.

7.Strain through chinois.