Newly discovered for this herbal plant


There is a unique plant that has so many benefits. It is a herbal remedy that is mostly ignored because of lack of knowledge. In the Philippines, there are numerous names such as olasiman-ihalas, tangon-tangon and ulisiman-bato but in the English it is called peperomia.

The herbal medicine has long been used in many different kinds of diseases in Philippines and in other countries can cure this plant with a variety of diseases such as cold, cough, fever, arthritis and headache.

In the study of expert, they have had an experiment to prove that this site is really healing the illnesses. They get rabbits and give them an anti-pyretic activity that is comparable to standard aspirin.Past and the future generation they proved that this kind of herbal plant is very effective in different kind of illnesses

List of new benefits research found in pansit-pansitan:

Anti Depressant

In the experiment made in bangladesh, they took mice for the experiment that they would give the mice of nikethamide to bring excitement. A mice gave them an extract of pansit-pansitan or pepperomia pellucida  to determine the depressant activity of a mice . The results indicate that the pansit-pansitan extract is helpful in treating excessive mental excitement disorder. This is a new research confirming that is not only cold, cough, fever, arthritis and headache can cure by this herbal plant.Expect that lots of more discovery will find in the future using pansit-pansitan herbal plants.

Anti oxidant
Studies have made many experts that this herbal plant have anti-oxidant such as the study done by P. Pellucida found in his experiment that has shown string scavenging movement against free radicals suggesting this herbal plant is very effective and have a natural anti-oxidant produced that help our body.

Reducing uric acid in our blood
In the study done by P. pellucida with her rats for experiments to find out that this herbal plant can reduce uric acid they monitored the uric acid level. Shows in researches that rats that have been explored have a nourishing extract indicated a 44% reduction in uric acid in blood and in rats that have not been given allpurinol drugs have shown 66% reduction in uric acid in blood. This study can be alternative to allopurinol to control uric acid in the blood to help the person reducing their uric acid level.