Fruits that have a Star power


This fruit we often ignored we thought this is ordinary fruit only, we do not know it has an effective anti-illness. This fruit called Star fruit is also called carambola in other country. This fruit is a star shaped with sweet and sour cream depending on the ripeness.

This is common in the Malayan peninsula and grows in Southeast Asia, China, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. But this fruit is not so popular specially in western country because of the lack of knowledge about this fruit.

Different country has a different name in the scientific name called it Averrhoa carambola this fruit tree is called tree cucumber.

This fruit is called belimbing manis in South East Asia and in India it is Kamrakh.

The star fruit tree is small and mostly green in nature with tropical and moist conditions. This tree fruit has a shape of bell that formed like an oblong shape with five angled edges that looks Starfish on each side.

This fruit has a sour and sweet flavor that you can use when the tree are 3-4 years old and you can harvest the fruit and eat it.

This is the list of the benefits that you can get by eating this kind of fruits.

Contain enormous Vitamin C
This fruit contains potent vitamin C that is effective in fighting against a variety of diseases such as cough, cold and fever. When you eat a star fruit with 100 g you will have 57% vitamin C needs our body. In other words, when you eat star fruit you will have protection against infections and will increase your immune system that fights illnesses that can harm your body.

Low calories
This exotic star fruit is one of the fruits of low-calories, you eat a star fruit of 100 g only      calories in the body is 31 calories, which is lower than the other fruits we eat today. Not only does this fruit provide the fruit contain anti-oxidants and other types of vitamins that can help our body

Provide good potassium and minerals
The organic and exotic Star fruit also contain minerals and electrolytes such as star fruits zinc, potassium, iron and phosphorus. when you have enough potassium in the body to open up a good blood pressure and heart rate and resistant to the excessive sodium in our body

Anti cancer
This exotic fruit provide a good dietary fiber when you eat the skin of this fruit. The fiber helps our body to prevent absorption of cholesterol in the gut. Dietary fibers play a role in protecting the mucous membrane in the colon to prevent entering the toxic cancer in the colon. Colon cancer is one of those who torture our bodies and causes them to stay healthy.