Everyday used in the kitchen but does not know the true ability of the fruit!!!!!


Virgin Coconut Oil considers it one of the healthiest oils on earth and can be done by any person.

I grew up in the Philippines our family is a farmer with many different crops such as vegetables, fruits and other types of plants. Different types of herbs can be found in our area and lots of unique plants and lots of benefits and lots of benefits available to them that have strengthened our bodies. One of these is that coconut has a lot to use the coconut in food, we mix it with different types of cookery and it is delicious and healthy.

But there is a popular coconut doing that our adults always do to be a drug is virgin coconut oil. There are many uses of virgin coconut oil for illnesses. This is one of the popular uses especially for those who are rich because it only gets in the coconut tree found in our yard.
You just need to take coconut milk and squash with water from coconut fruit and squeeze it well and drain slowly and then put aside and leave for 48 hours to get the best coconut oil . You know it when the oil is very clear. It's important to separate the clear oil and discard the remaining oil that is not clear at all.

The following are the benefits available to a Virgin Coconut oil that God gave us.

Control blood sugar in the body:
Virgin coconut oil cannot produce insulin but it helps to control blood sugar in our body that can caused diabetes. Virgin coconut oil helps to improve the secretion of insulin in our body to maintain the body's sugar level.

Reduces bad fat in our body:
At this time, many people suffer from heart disease and this is the main illness that people die. Virgin coconut oil is one of the solutions found by experts because coconut oil contains lauric acid that protects our heart by reducing the bad fat that is wrapped in our heart that can caused by heart attack.

Thyrotropic hormone:
Experts say that virgin coconut oil contains vitamins that accelerate our body's metabolism and provide it with a unique energy available in coconut oil.

Helps in weight loss specially in obese:
Many experts say that virgin coconut oil helps to reduce weight especially to obese person. Coconut oil is somewhat different from other oils because virgin coconut oil can be produced energies, in other words, coconut oil becomes energy in our body that we use every day so that coconut oil is effective when weighing.

Kill parasitic fungus:
The virgin coconut oil is effective against the parasitic fungus that is harmful to our body. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid that kills the bad bacteria especially the parasitic fungus in our body so that we become stronger.