Different types of International Breakfast and its Ingredients

Different types of International Breakfast

An International themed breakfast cuisine is offered à la carte.

American Breakfast
homemade thick pancakes with maple syrup
few rashers of bacon

English Breakfast
Sausages and bacon
fried or scrambled eggs
grilled tomato, mushrooms
hash browns and toast

The Mexican Breakfast - Huevos Rancheros
Fried eggs served upon lightly fried corn tortilla topped with a tomato chili sauce
re fried beans
Mexican-style rice, available with sliced avocado or guacamole

The Traditional German Breakfast
2 boiled eggs
local German cheese
freshly baked brown bread

The Spanish Breakfast
red and green bell pepper omelet with onion and parsley.

The Norwegian Breakfast
Smoked Salmon
Cream cheese
dark rye bread

The Belgian Breakfast
original waffles
Sour cherry or chocolate sauce
whipped cream

American Breakfast

Egg fresh whole large
Blueberries slice frozen
Pork bacon sliced


1.Fry eggs sunny side up.

2.Crisp the bacon

3.Prepare the pancakes

4.Place piled up pancakes topped with fresh blueberry on left side of plate.

6.Arrange the maple syrup on the plate.

English Breakfast
Potato hash brown
Sausage links
Egg fresh whole large
Pork bacon slice
Tomato, round
Mushroom white
Beans baked
Herb oregano

1.Prepare the eggs as per order in the omelet pan with base of oil until desiderate cooking.

2.Cook the sausage in the oven for about 8 minutes at 175 C. Finish on the flat grill a la minute.

3.Cook the bacon in the oven at 180 C until become crispy.

4.Cut in half the fresh tomato. Marine with salt, oil and oregano and grill it on the grill at high temperature. 

5. Marinate the mushroom with oil and salt, cook on the flat grill at
high temperature until golden color.

6. Cook the hash brown in deep fat fryer until golden and crispy.

7. Re-heat the baked beans in a casserole without any oil, only little water.
8. Arrange on the plate.

The Spanish Omelette

Egg frozen white and yolk
Onion yellow
Herb, parsley, flat leaf
fresh Pepper bell capsicum, green
Pepper bell, capsicum, red
Pepper bell, capsicum, yellow
Oil olive extra virgin
Spice salt
 Vinegar white
Tomato cherry grape red

1. Chop one third of the bell peppers and onions in medium dice, and cut the rest in julienne.

2. Chop the parsley. 

3. Cut the potatoes in small cube, sauté in an omelette pan in EVO for 5 minutes. 

4. Add bell pepper and onions julienne.

 5. When potatoes are cooked, add the eggs well mixed with salt and cook on both sides Prepare a sauce with chopped bell peppers, chopped onions, chop tomato and marinate with EVO and white vinegar. Adjust with salt.

The Benedict Breakfast
two soft poached eggs
toasted muffin
topped with hollandaise sauce

The procedure for pancakes is categorised as a sub recipe, as different types of breakfast, as buffet and à la carte breakfast, consist the pancakes.

The correct ingredients needed for the plain pancake preparation.
1.Salt – 1g
2.Pancake mix - 600 g.
3. Water -750 ml.
4. Sunflower oil - 90 ml.
5.Butter unsalted -50 g.

Pancake sub recipe procedure:

1.In a bowl whisk pancake mix with oil, 750 ml of water and salt.

2.Whisk together to make a smooth thick pancake base, beat thoroughly to

3.Let rest for 30 minutes before use.

4.Heat flat grill on 200-250°C, brush on a little butter.

5.Scoop the pancake mix on the flat grill. When the edge starts to take color, on form bubbles and the griddle-side of the pancake is golden, flip the pancake minutes or until the pancake is ready.