Since her/his birth, a Filipino child already has a status or a position in the family. Kinship give ones basic social and moral commitments and obligations to her/his family. One should work to attain economic security. She/he respects the elders and obeys her/his parents.

Most Filipino household include grandparents and relatives who live together under one roof. Grandparents are consulted for guidance and blessing. Parents exercise full responsibility and authority over their children. The children, in turn, are to obey and listen to their elders,

The urbanization and development of a technological society has affected family relationships. Primarily, the family provides affection and emotional support to all its members especially the children. But when parents start working outside the house to earn a living, it may become difficult to keep the family together. This may cause family breakup, divorce, and separation of husband and wife. Inadequate parental supervision over children may cause juvenile delinquency.

In relation in the modern family lifestyle, we can say that we are similarly adopting some changes to cope with technological development that could affect relationship within the family.


 Some people see life as easy, while others find it very difficult. An optimistic person believes that this is the best world to live in, He/She has a hopeful or cheerful view of matters and always looks at the brighter side things.
A pessimistic person believes that this world is evil outweighs the good. She/He has the tendency to expect misfortune.

Why do people have varied outlooks in life?

Values give meaning to life and explain why one makes a particular selection from alternative courses of action. Values influence ones beliefs and behaviors.

Values and environment affect one's outlook in life.


A goal is an end that an individual or a family is willing to work for in order to achieve. Every normal individual works for something that will give her/him happiness and satisfaction.

Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, and time-targeted objectives. It is a continuous process which is guided by one's values and capabilities.

Effective goal setting enables one to reach her/his goal.

Short-range-range goals are reached in a long period of time. Goals give direction to life. However, they should not prevent one from being flexible. Sometimes one may fail to reach her/his goal or certain factors may alter one's original plan. Whatever happens, one must keep on setting her/his goals and remain determined, focused, an enthusiastic in achieving them.

The plans for meeting a goal are called objectives. Objectives are the measurable steps that one will take to reach he/his goal.