It takes time, money,energy, and patience to build a family. In today's changing society, the family must decide who will responsible for what ask.

Father's role Generally , the husband or father provides leadership,authority, or control in a filipino family. Thus, the family is said to be patriarchal. The husband or father is expected to be the principal breadwinner and projects the image of a strong personality, the final decision maker, as well as a role model for his children in their adulthood.

Nowadays, however, it is not anymore unusual to see a father or a husband doing some household chores such as going to market,cooking, and doing the laundry.

Mother's role The wife or mother is expected to do the task of  homemaking , child rearing, and management of the family income and expenses in a filipino family. Thus, in a matriarchal family, the mother possesses authority.

In recent times, it is not anymore unusual to see mothers or wives working in offices or factories, engaging in business, or working abroad to augment the family income.

The Role of Children

 Each child plays a role in the family. The role may vary depending on the position of the child and the size of the family Generally, children are expected to respect and obey their parents and to help in the household chores. They must also give high priority to their studies. 

Girls are assigned household chores such as cleaning cooking, and doing the laundry cooking. a Boys do some minor house or furniture repairs as well as taking care of the pets. furniture, repairs as well as taking Unexpected Events Sometimes unexpected events happen in the family, affecting each member. 

One of the most important things a teenager can do for her/his family is to understand and support her/his parents when problems like these arise:

 1. separation of parents

 2. death 

3. accident and sickness 

4. unemployment of parents

 It takes maturity and emotional stability to handle these situations, but teenagers must also learn to accept the unexpected change as part of their growing- up experience. During these times, family understanding and cooperation are most needed There may also be happy unexpected events in the family, like winning a lottery or jackpot.

 All members of the family are expected to be happy but to remain calm and humble during these times.