Major areas and product of Agriculture

Major Areas of Agriculture

There are different specialized areas in agriculture which are geared towards the development of better forming system and the production of more food.

1. Agricultural Education- -It is designed to teach the best agricultural techniques so that land, pasture, and other agricultural resources may be utilized for maximum profit.

2. Agricultural Engineering - It is the study of the development of design of irrigation system, drainage, conservation, mechanization, which are important Sanitation, and in scientific farming.

3. Agricultural Chemistry - It deals with the nutrition of plants and m animals and the production
of food for human consumption. The analysis of food is an important activity of the agricultural chemist.

4. Biotechnology – It is considered one of the significant milestones to affect agricultural development. It is a technique that uses living organisms to make or modify a product to improve plants or animals.

5. Agricultural Marketing - is the process of moving or transporting farm products from farmers to consumers.

6. Agricultural Management- It is a branch of agriculture that applies economic and business principles in the management of farm enterprise to achieve the greatest profit.

Product Types

Agriculture is further classified according to product types.
1. Crop Production

Examples: rice, corn, fruits, vegetables, flowers,
tobacco, rubber
2. Animal or Livestock Production

Examples: poultry, piggery
3. Fish Culture
Examples: milk fish, tilapia, prawn culture

4. Bee Culture - for the production of honey and other products

5. Culture of crocodile for the production of leather and snake for the production of venom serum.

6. Culture of exotic birds and tropical fishes for pet lovers.

7. Raising and breeding of horses for sports, and dogs such as German Shepherds and Great Dane for pet and security purposes.

8. Sericulture or the culture of silkworm for the production of silk.

9. Propagation of ornamental plants and trees for landscaping

10. Production of cut flowers and herbal plants for local and export markets


The Philippines is considered a leader in rice research among Asian countries. However there are times when it has to import rice and corn to fill up local needs. One factor that affects crop production is mechanization or the application of machinery and equipment to facilitate farm work like plowing.

1 .A crane facilitates the hauling of sugarcane into tracks. Some cranes have weighing scales.

2. A modern combine is a machine that can cut, thresh, and clean crops at the same time
3. A modern grain drill can drop seed in the soil, plant a com, and fertilize the ground

4. The fruit-picking machine is used for fruit trees such as oranges and apples. The jaws of this machine grab the trunk of the tree and shake it while the fruits fall into a container then to a storage compartment.

Industrialized countries g generally practices large mechanized farming.

The Use of Computer in Farming

The computer is a very important tool characteristic, production cost, crop yield, for farm managers. Data such as genetic and market prices are quickly, efficiently, and cheaply processed and tallied by computer. Such data are especially valuable to the farmer in reducing guess work in planning farm operations.

Farmers in developed countries use computers in the farm to reduce their work load and boost efficiency. Computer-operated equipment are used to facilitate such activities as feeding livestock and harvesting crops.

These Computers can also be help used farmers in determining determine the amount right time of fertilizer for planting to be and used harvesting in plants and their track crops. The population of harmful and beneficial insects.

Crop Production

Early man learned to cultivate plants because he needed food to eat instead of going to the forest to look for it. He also used plants in making a shelter and clothes to cover his body.
Modern man planted more crops as food for his family, for his neighbors, and for the animals he used in the field. He also discovered many useful products from plants which

he used as medicine, fuel, ornament, perfume, and many more. 

Plant Production

Crop production involves the propagation and cultivation of plants for food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and ornamental purposes. In this study, we will deal with the cultivation of plants in the garden and with some ideas on bottle gardening.

 There are different fields of specialization in raising variety of crops.

1.Agronomy - refers to the production of field crops such as rice and corn on a large or commercial scale.

2.Horticulture - deals with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental trees

3. Fruit culture - is involved in fruit production (trees, shrubs, and vines)

4. Floriculture - is a specialized field that deals with the study and production of flowers.

5. Arboriculture - is the cultivation of trees and shrubs for decorative or ornamental purposes.