How to Eat for a Happy, Healthy Body

 How to Eat for a Happy, Healthy Body
information about food and additives

Diet: How to Eat for a Happy, Healthy Body According to nutrition experts, athletes eat anything just like ordinary people. Like everyone else, they need a good balanced diet and the right amount of calories. Generally, good nutrition and a balanced diet include Variety of foods. 

These are:

1.whole grain food

2. assorted fruits and vegetables

3. milk and other dairy food

4. less fatty food, heavily sweetened food, and salted food

A balanced diet means getting the right kinds and amount of food and drinks to supply the body e with proper nutrition and energy and for supporting  normal growth and development.

Food is any substance used by the body to:
1. promote growth
2. build and repair body tissues and bone structure regulate body processes Supply energy for the body.

Food helps one to stay healthy. Without food, even the strongest person can live only for seven to eight weeks. Basic Concepts of Nutrition the basic concepts of nutrition serve as a guide in understanding the role of food nutrients in the body.
These concepts have been developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Nutrition includes the food one eats and the way the body uses it.

 Food is made up of different nutrients needed by the body for growth and health. Each nutrient has specific use or function in the body, and most nutrients work best when teamed up.

2. All persons throughout life need the same nutrients but in varying amounts. The amount of nutrients needed by the body is influenced by age, sex, size, activity and state of health.

3.The way food is handled affects its nutrient content, safety, appearance, and taste. Handling, means anything that happens to food while it is being grown, processed, stored, and prepared for consumption.


Nutrients are important in helping the body I grow, repair cells, and stay healthy. There are more than 50 different kinds of nutrients and all of them are helping the body grow.

Energy is also needed to maintain the regular body temperature at 98°F or 37°C. Heat is supplied by the combustion of burning food in the body. All carbohydrates and protein foods yield four calories per gram. Fats are more concentrated energy food yielding calories per

During cold weather, one burns more calories to keep the normal body temperature. This is why one eats more on cold or rainy days.  Thus, tall people, the young, and the male require proportionately energy more calories than short people, the old, and the female.

Food Additives

An additive is anything that is added to food before it goes into a package. Modern cooking requires easy-to-us ingredients for cooking. There are many food additives that are now available in the market. It is important to read the labels to know the kinds of food additives. The processing method can also change the taste and quality of food.

There are different kinds of food additives.

1. Vitamins and minerals - to improve the body.
2. Preservatives e- to keep food from spoiling.
3. Food color-  to enhance or change the color of product
4. Flavor enhancers -to improve or enhance the
5. Food flavors - to give real flavor, such as
6, Food essence - to give the desired aroma of taste of food. Example: monosodium glutamate (MSG) chicken, beef, pork, fish, mango, tamarind, onion, garlic, etc. Example: chicken cubes.

A balanced diet means getting the right kinds and amount of food and drinks to supply the body e with proper nutrition and energy and for supporting  normal growth and development.

Snacks: Good or Bad

A snack is a food consumed between meals. It is intended to relieve a person's hunger and provide energy for the body. Is snacking really bad? The real problem is not when one snacks but what one eats for snack.
Many snack foods have a lot of fat, calories, and salt or sugar in them. They reduce one's appetite for mealtime where more nutritious food may be eaten.

Fast Food

Fast foods, have gained much popularity am especially among
Manila and other urban areas, Some fast foods such as hamburger fried chicken, pizza, French fries, and soda, are high-calorie foods although they may contain protein, iron, mins, and minerals.
If one eats these foods regularly, she he would be short in some nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and milk. Instead one merely gets more calories, fat, sugar,and salt.
Counting Calories are a measure of energy in the food and also the amount of energy a person needs to live and the body may be compared to an engine, which burns fuel to do work and this must continue as long as life itself. Even when a person sleeps, the activities of the heart and respiratory muscles demand energy.