Decorating the Home
Balance, Decorating all Pleasing play or a redecorating part in the creation the home  may a beautiful pattern, include and room repainting texture, or home. with it, Personal rearranging attention tastes, to or scale interest, replacing and hobbies, may be reflected in home decorations.

Here are some pointers in decorating the home. Use interesting decorations to add beauty and homelike quality. Change or interchange some decorations occasionally.
Place other decorative objects mirrors, photographs, and around that will show their advantage.
 Use simple decorative items in functional rooms. Use open cupboards or an stage to display small decorative objects. Use decorative objects that are large enough for the space they will occupy. Arrange decorative objects in groups so that they will appear unified rather than scattered. Do not place two objects of equal importance side by side such that they compete for the center of interest.

Make the arrangement as orderly as possible and remove or keep away some obstructions and chatter. Remember that clean and orderly room is always beautiful even if the decoration is simple..

The Application of Color

The color to be used on the curtain, wall, ceiling, or floor important factor in making the home look more Toolbar harmony is a matter of personal likes and dislikes,
Many materials or objects have the natural capacity to absorb or transmit color. White objects reflect all colors and absorb none. black objects absorb all colors and reflect none. Black and white are not colors but are extremes of value or lightness or darkness of color.

The walls and ceiling are the widest parts of the house. Dark colors reduce the size of room. Light colors expand it. Ceiling to secure the greater possible appearance of spaciousness, paint the ceiling.
The ceiling which is darker than the wall makes the room appear smaller and is costlier to illuminate.

Today, floor covering comes in a wide variety of color, texture, and quality, It may be made of wood, bamboo, cement, ceramic, brick, marble, or granite. It may be linoleum, rag, or carpet, An ideal floor should be able to withstand the activity in the room with minimum maintenanceand cleaning.


Suitability is a major factor in the choice of accents and accessories. It is important to put one's sense of artistry in furnishing the home, both to satisfy the need for beauty and to tell others about one's values, tastes, and personality.

Some accents that can be used to enhance the entry of the house include paintings, pictures, Wallpapers, curtains, tapestry, or a woven textile. Premed collections of items, such as keys,

Tar files, insects, and semi-precious stones can be used as decorative accents. A single painting can become a dramatic accent when used as a focal interest in the room. Pictures should be suitable to the room. Religious pictures require a special Setting Children enjoy colorful pictures. Picture be hung in a way that the center of interest comes on the eye level. They should be flat against the

Mirrors and woven textiles can provide the desired color or pattern to beautify the room.
A mirror gives an illusion of space, which is effective for a small room. It brightens a w by reflecting light color from the opposite side of the wall. Tapestry or a woven textile can also be used to decorate a bare.


Accessories should contribute to a sense of wholeness in the room or in the house, So accessories in the house include lamps, throw pillows, books, ceramics, porcelain and bronze vases, plates and figurines, clay or wood Carvings, and many more.