home techno and safety tips

Technology at Home

This is the age of technology and the evidence Is all over. Technology make life better, easier, a more comfortable. With modern techniques in housing construction, plastics have already replaced some of the metal and wooden parts of the house. The plastics and fiberboard as replacement for wood can play together 

Forests and the depletion of natural resources pave the way for the use of unconventional products, such as Even toys and games have become sophisticated with technology with modern toys the young and old home appliances make household work easy and enjoyable. The lady of the house is usually responsible for all the household chores. Now, with modern appliances, husband and children can share the different household tasks. For example, cooking can only take minutes or seconds using modern appliances.

Here are some products of technology Surely facilitate household work.

1.A vacuum cleaner cleans the rug or carpet better than ordinary manual cleaning. 

2. Ordinary manual polisher. An electric polisher gives the floor a better shine

3. There are also different cleaning compounds for general use and for specific cleaning purposes. Soap and detergent are used generally for washing and cleaning. Bleach and stain remover are used to whiten or remove stubborn dirt or stain. There are also cleaning compounds specifically, for wood tiles, plastics and ceramics.

4. A dish washing liquid cleans the dishes better than ordinary laundry soap.

Checking the Home for Safety

Health and safety in the house should always be the concern of every member of the family, If family members are to remain healthy, certain needs must be met: the house must have proper ventilation and waste disposal be ways to ensure safety at home.

Check the house regularly.

Recheck safety factors when buying some appliances. Check fire hazard

1. Unsafe electrical connection Paper, plastic, rugs, and flammable materials near hot able materials and curtain near kitchen stove

2. Electric flat iron and oven that are in use but unattended

3. Matches and lighted candles

4. Free stairs and hallways from obstructions.

5. Keep the flooring skip proof. Dry or wipe water and oil spills on the floor immediately.

6. Keep cleaning materials and toxic substances properly in a safe area.

Check sharp objects:

1.Keep knife, scissors, bolo, and other sharp objects in their proper places and away from children's reach.

2. Remove sticking sharp objects, such as nails, from path or overhead.

3. Remove hanging objects, such as flowerpots.

Eliminate insects and pests:

1. Use window and door screen. Clean storage areas regularly.

3. Dispose of waste and spoiled food properly.