A home is a place where one resides. It is more than a house. For a family, a home is a place that each member holds dear because of personal feelings or relationships.

The most important things a home can offer its members are love and security. The home which provides love and security lets its members open their minds and express their emotions.

An ideal home is one where each member is accepted for who she/he is.

The sum of the things that makes one an individual is called personality. People have much in common, but it is their differences that cause them to be individuals.

As an individual and a teenage member of the family, you have a role to perform. This comes with privileges and responsibilities, which increase as you mature.

Most families try to bring up their children to the best of their ability, but some families are able to foster the development of desirable personality traits of their children to a greater extent than others.

Favorable- When one is loved and wanted at home, he/she is likely to be kind and friendly to others
Unfavorable- When one is unloved and unwanted, she/he may feel insecure and fearful and may act in ways that are socially unacceptable. 

Self-concept is the way one sees oneself. It has been developed from the time one was born. It is at the center of one's personality which influences everything one thinks, says, and does.

A strong self-concept means confidence in oneself. A weak self-concept means low regard for oneself. A feeling of acceptance is important in building a healthy self-concept and becoming the best person one can be.

Family must provide for the physical needs of individual members. Food, shelter, and clothing are the basic needs. These must be given high priority as well as rest, health, and safety. The ways by which these needs are met will depend on the family's desire and capacity to provide them.

The House

A house is a place to stay and each family dream of owning a comfortable one. Housing needs vary with the stage of family cycle. A new family usually requires a small apartment or house.
A house must provide security, convenience, and privacy to the family.
Most families believe that home ownership is desirable and economical than renting. They buy a house for many reasons.
1. For security and stature
2. To have additional space for children and no productions increased acquired possessions
3. To have a place for guests, relatives, and pets
4. As a means of equity

The Filipino Home

The Filipino house is that homelike and comfortable. One of the best qualities a house can possess is being homelike. The most important factor in having a homelike house is to design and furnish it to it the basic requirements of the family.

1. A Homelike House having the things the family enjoys not only
makes a house comfortable but also livable. The choice and arrangement of furnishings reflect the life and interest of the family. A common Filipino home consists of the following basic parts: living room or sala, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and comfort room. It may also include a storeroom, a "dirty kitchen, " and a washroom.

2. A Comfortable House It is most important for a house to provide comfort to each member of the family. A comfortable house caters to the physical, mental, emotional, and social ne needs of the family. It also gives privacy for everyone. Today's small houses will require proper space planning to meet the needs of each member